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Zooey Covers Marie Claire
zooey lights
unnecessaryhat wrote in ezdeschanel
  Zooey covers next month's Marie Claire, which hits newstands next Tuesday, 4/17.  Marie Claire released  part of the interview early & a video here: Zooey Deschanel Interview & Cover Story - at Marie Claire/  They also shared some behind the scenes commentary on her cover shoot:

It's reverse psychology at its finest. With a certain anti-sex appeal—or adorkability—Zooey Deschanel renders herself irresistible. Arriving on the set of our photo shoot in a schoolgirl-inspired plaid skirt and cream knit sweater, both by Sandro, she could easily have stepped out of The Ed Sullivan Show. Her preference for sponge hair curlers (which she wore while singing along to Jackie Trent's "You Baby") over a curling iron only solidified her retro charm. But once the curlers came off, the MC fashion team got serious about transforming Deschanel from cutesy chick to sultry babe. Modest at first, the New Girl star soon warmed to the sleek black looks accented with gold flash. Between shots, she shared iPhone videos of her nephew with the crew—proving that no matter how sexy the trappings, adorkable gets 'em every time.

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Love, love, love the cover shot. Thanks for sharing these!

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